goals and intentions

goals and intentions

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream" ~ C.S. Lewis

If anyone had told me, 5  years ago, that I was going to start my own business and craft leather handbags, I would've seriously fainted. Although I've always loved textiles and craved working with my hands, the responsibility of raising my son and the demands of working in the corporate world left me exhausted and feeling drained of energy, Initiative and drive.

Then one day, almost 6 years ago, my dad handed me a piece of fine Italian leather, scraps form a DIY furniture refurbish project he had worked on. This piece of leather sparked something inside me, a dream came a live and I've been setting goals and working towards these goals each year since that day, and still am.

Thanks all you talented makers out there who are so passionate about your art and love to teach your knowledge and share your journeys on various social media platforms, you're such a great resource and inspiration to anyone with a passion to learn and a dream to follow.

As one of my favorite quotes by the famous J.K Rowling goes: remember that we all have magic inside us" So true, we're all unique, there is only one of each and everyone of us.

Get out there and chase your dreams, be kind and have an amazing adventure along the way! 

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