Hello and welcome to Förtrollad. My name is Karin and I am the founder of Förtrollad, a leather brand with a mission to create beautiful + minimalist leather goods using traditional techniques. Everything is made in small batches with ♡ and magic. All leathers have been ethically sourced right here in Canada and is a direct by-product of the meat industry and not the other way around. Sustainability is top of mind in every aspect of our philosophy and being extra mindful of reducing our ecological footprint is critical. We re-use scrap pieces responsibly and find creative ways to make products from any little scrap piece. At Förtrollad we strive to bring you handmade sustainable leather products that are made with love, light and joy and not in a dark sweat shop with underpaid workers. 

I grew up in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, where I after graduating highschool, started my creative career studiying photography. I decided to set out on the adventure of my life and moved to Toronto, Canada where I enrolled in the fashion management program at George Brown College. There I was immersed in all things sewing, textiles and textures. After working a few years as a visual merchandiser in various fashion houses, my beautiful son came into the world and I decided it was time to find a more consistent, family friendly, corporate 9-5 career and started a job in broadcast sales where I am still working. Sales is great but creating beautiful things is my passion. So, since I have this thing for leather and absolutely love bags, purses and clutches but couldn't find reasonably priced + unique styles, I taught myself how to craft my own leather products and I made a lot of it, so much that friends and family suggested I should start selling my creations. This is how it all started, in 2014, I took a few workshops in leather craft at The Make Den, a local business in Toronto, where I could improved my skills and learn some valuable skills in an ancient trade, following in my ancestors footsteps. The workshops helped me learn the foundations of leather craft. I am still learning new skills, growing as an artist and loving every minute of it.

Now I hope to spread the joy and love for all things ethically sourced leather by creating one of a kind leather products for everyone, right here in Canada. I strive to keep my environmental footprint small by sourcing scrap leathers, damaged leathers and upcycled leathers as well as vegetable tanned leathers + durable solid brass hardware and natural textiles that I carefully handpick. 

The name Förtrollad loosely translates from Swedish  to enchanted/spellbound and is a word that I connect with the Swedish forests where I spent alot of time when growing up. According to Nordic mythology and ancient folklore tales the forests (förtrollad skog) are inhabited by marvelous creatures like forest fairies, elves, trolls and other mythical beings surrounded by fierce gods and godesses all with their very own unique supernatural powers. This was so magical to me as a little girl and I used to spend hours dreaming up fantastic stories and divine adventures. Norse mythology and ancient nordic folklore intrigue me to this day. I named my company "förtrollad" because this word symbolize creativity, life, nature, curiosity, imagination and dreams! My motivation 🌿

All products are handmade in our Toronto studio with simplicity, functionality, sustainability and quality in mind. Förtrollad is inspired by the forests and we're very conscious about preserving nature in the best condition while creating minimal waste. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we've partnered up with one tree planted.org to plant a tree for every product sold. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about how Förtrollad came to be. I hope you will be part of our story.

XO! Karin 🌸

Stay true. Stay lovely. Stay curious.