What does Förtrollad mean?
The word Förtrollad is Swedish for enchanted and/or spellbound and represents our love for and inspiration of the magical Swedish forests. 

Do you offer personalization? 

Of course we do, we can add initials and names to most products. Just email us and we can work it out. An extra charge of $5 per item will be added.

How do you package orders? 

If you've placed an order with us before, you will have noticed that we often pack orders in kraft paper, kraft envelopes or cardboard boxes. We use recycled boxes or packaging materials from vendors and local businesses to help minimize what goes to landfills. Every order is carefully packaged by me into the right sized shipping vessel, to help reduce shipping volume.  

Do you accept custom orders?

We are happy to take smaller orders, however all products are made to order, and if I have many pending orders to complete, there will be a longer wait time for a custom order. Please reach out to me and  we'll figure it out. 

How do I care for my leather?
Please see leather care page here