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Small business 🖤

Förtrollad logo
Many of you have asked me how to pronounce this word, so I've tried to explain it here. It sounds something like this [fur,troll,əd] 🌳🌱🌿(does it help?)
It's a Swedish word for enchanted (spellbound, magical, charmed) ✨
A word I connect with the Swedish forests where I spent a lot of time growing up. To me, this word symbolize creativity, life, curiosity, imagination, magic and dreams and I felt it was the perfect name for the creative business I've always dreamt of starting.
I now realize the work that goes into running a creative company from setting up a website, taking product pictures, brand design for business cards and pr stuff, staying current on social media, responding to your lovely supportive messages and inquiries about products to the actual process of creating meaningful leather pieces, sourcing ethical leathers, hardware and tools 🛠️.
At times it's overwhelming but at the same time (even more so) so incredibly rewarding!! 🌿 Hats off to all you entrepreneurs out there!! You are working hard and making things happen. So very inspiring!
I've come to understand, a small business rely heavily on the power of word of mouth, any type of feedback and product reviews. I don't want it to go unknown how much I appreciate all the love and would like to thank all of you for your support, engagement and kind words 🙆🏽 Thanks a million!
Have a förtrollad day!