Inspired by nature + an ancient craft

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All our leathers and materials are ethically sourced and selected locally here in Canada. I make each item by hand, either by traditional hand stitching methods or with my industrial sewing machine. We use vegetable tanned leather mainly but also use repurposed leather and other materials.

Why do hides have to go through a tanning process? It is to preserve and prepare the hide to become soft leather and to make it last a lifetime, a process used by our ancestors that still lives to this day. What does the term vegetable  tanned mean?

Well, simply explained, the raw leathers are placed in a bath of vegetable materials like tree bark and other organic materials to stop the aging process of the hide. These tanning techniques derive from an ancient craft used by our ancestors and it's the most gentle and natural process used to tan hides. The ancient art of leather craft is natural, foraging from what mother nature provides us with.

As a company and a steward of our land, we strive to stay eco conscious everyday and in every way, so in an effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, We've partnered up with One tree planted, a non-profit organization focusing on global reforestation. We plant a tree for every product you purchase. Visit to learn more or to make a difference. ♡