Leather care

Leather is an organic material that changes as time goes by. Vegetable tanned leathers, absorb oils, dirt buildup, sun rays and with time develop a beautiful patina, it sort of takes on a new, wiser, more mature character. Many people love this and welcome these changes however if you want to slow the transformation, you can do so by gently wiping the leather ever so often, with a soft cloth like a cotton terry wax cloth or something similar. For more durable utility leathers or leather jacket leathers, a very small amount of mild leather cleanser, preferably one with all natural ingredients (cleansers can be found in most leather goods stores or online) can be used to gently wipe the surface clean. Your leather product can dry out and like our own skin, leather needs to be re hydrated. There are many different oils, balms and moisturizers out there. I prefer using ones with only all natural ingredients in it. Neatsfoot oil is one I find myself using the most.

Storing your leather item in a purse storage bag when your not using it, will help keep it looking new forever!