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Berkana bracelet - New beginnings

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Introducing the beloved Sami bracelet, a reindeer leather band bedazzled with metallic (+silver) weaves and secured by a reindeer antler (shed) button. 

Traditional Sami bracelet - Tennarmband (pewter bracelets) 

  • Vegetable tanned raindeer leather - from Sweden
  • Pewter + 4% sterling silver thread - from Sweden
  • Button from fallen raindeer antlers - from Sweden
  • Hand stitched
  • Made in Canada using traditional Swedish materials and techniques

Women Sizes:

To find your size, measure your wrist and add 1.5 cm (.60")

  1. S = 17 cm/6.7"
  2. M = 18 cm/7.1"
  3.  L = 19 cm/7.5" (Men's S)

Named after the Scandinavian runic letter, Berkana, symbolizing - 'Birch' = New beginnings, Renewal & Rebirth

"A new dawn - Draw a deep inhale followed by an exhale.  Follow a new rhythm, a new passion, a new dream. It's time to accept a new beginning, a renewal, a rebirth - embrace and enjoy this gift."