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Yggdrasil wallet 2 pockets - brown

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Small but mighty! The timeless Yggdrasil coin wallet with two compartments can hold bank cards, coins, business cards, chapstick and jewelry if needed. 

So easy to pack and easy to carry with you to the store, afternoon coffee or when you just don't want to bring the bag.

It comes with a cloth pouch to store and protect your product in between uses.

  • 3.25" H x 3.75" W
  • Handstitched with waxed thread 
  • Brass closure 
  • 2 compartments 
  • Surplus leather
  • Eco-friendly 

These beautiful pieces are created with materials from industrial overstock (for example car and airplane manufacturers) and upholstery samples to gently used garments. We're so excited about this collection that is made with love and purpose where each piece has a unique history & story to tell.

Proceeds from each sale is used to plant trees around the world through our partnership with

Thank you for choosing to support a small business ♡