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Förtrollad, is a brand woven from the threads of forest magic and folklore, drawn from nostalgic childhood memories of playing amid the enchanted woods. The rustling of leaves, the crunch of mossy paths, and the caress of sunbeams inspire a connection with nature's essence.

This spirit weaves through each handcrafted piece, constructed from salvaged vintage materials and natural materials.

Each creation named after mythical beings in Scandinavian folklore, adding a touch of enchantment to the collection.

With every purchase, we plant a tree.

I hope you will feel a connection with my creations.



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Handmade cozy knit bag with leather straps made with upcycled materials

Care Collection

In this collection we aim to bring to life to upcycled and surplus materials. We aim to take steps towards a circular economy by finding ways to recycle materials & minimize waste in our production process.

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  • Folk + Lore Trading Post

    We're happy to intruduce you to our new space! Folk & lore trading post, a new space that lives online (for now) filled to the brim with carefully curated vintage finds & lovingly handcrafted goods made by artisans around the world. 

    In the near future, I hope to follow my dream, which has always been to open up the doors to the most magical cafe filled to the brim with handcrafted teasures and sweet curiosities from all over the world.

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  • An envelope style card case made out of leather and painted with sweet speckles. Stays closed with a gold metal stud closure

    Idun Goddess - Card Case

    We're passionate about passing on our knowledge and love for Scandinavian folklore and mythology. If you're familiar with our brand, you've probably noticed that most of our products have some unique (hard to pronounce) names. Most of our products are named after mythological characters from Norse Mythology, an ancient collection of myths, sagas and legends of the Scandinavian people.
    The sweet Idun card case is named after the Norse goddess of rejuvenation and as the goddess, this product is loved by all.
    It easily holds more than 15 cards & cash and is said to be the perfect jewelry travel case. We source the vegetable tanned leather locally and handcraft each case with love in our studio in the heart of Toronto. Each case is hand stitched using waxed thread for extra durability and a metal stud is attached as a closure to keep your items secure.

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